Subway Tiles

A true classic that can be anything but ordinary.

By glazing the subway on the reverse side of the tile, you can create a more tonal, handmade feel. Please specify which side of the tile you would like us to glaze it on.

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Naked Coffee

Naked Coffee

Akashic Tiles - Alice on 5th

Alice And 5th

Akashic Tiles - Saigon Suzy

Saigon Suzy

Akashic Tiles - Studio 19

Studio 19

Akashic Tiles - Naked Coffee

Naked Coffee

Akashic Tiles - Naked Coffee Restaurant

Naked Coffee

Akashic Tiles - Nandos


Akashic Tiles - Mixed Subways

Mixed Subways

Akashic Tiles - Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz